Pam would like to thank all previous customers for making the trek up the long trak to her little blue cabin/workshop on the hill and say sorry to all those potential customers who will unfortunately now never have the experience.

Due to the installation, by our new neighbours of a gate across the neighbouring property, (thus severly restricting both the parking and turning space available to visiting vehicles), Appies Arty Yarns workshop is now CLOSED to the public.

Should anyone still wish to see her handspun Orkney yarn, handwoven scarves or knitting kits they might find a selection at Castaway Crafts in Dounby.

Alternatively, she may be exhibiting at one of the various craft fairs in Kirkwall throughout the season, so please call 01856 841487 to see if any of them coincide with your visit to Orkney.

So, Appie Arty Yarns Workshop has had to close... it's a very sad day!

Email Pam at

Telephone 01856 841487